Is healthy organic food a good fit for every day eating

Is Healthy Organic Food a Good Fit for Eating Every Day?

Why should you eat healthy organic food every day? Research has shown that it can improve your health in many different ways. By eating healthy organic food, you remain safe from harmful chemicals. Also, the food you eat is more wholesome. Overall, your diet pattern changes for the better.

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in demand for organic food. Several reasons may have led to this trend. People all over the world have become more aware of their health. They also feel responsible towards the environment. Healthy organic food supports both. It takes care of you and also mother earth.

Why Should You Choose Healthy Organic Food?

You must choose healthy organic food for many reasons. First and foremost, it is packed with nutrients. Second, it is completely free of chemicals. All of this is because farmers use natural methods to grow crops.

Nowadays, people suffer from all kinds of food allergies. Some people react to gluten or chemicals. Others react to lactose, a type of sugar present in milk. This is where healthy organic food comes in. It helps to control allergies and even makes them disappear.

Other benefits of healthy organic food include –

Lower Pesticide Level

Unlike normal farms, organic farms do not add chemicals to the crops. They let the plants and animals grow at their own pace. Farmers weed the land by hand, and support the bird, bee and insect population around the farm. In addition to preventing pests from destroying the crops, it serves to add to the fertility of the soil.

Overall, these methods lower the pesticide level of the food.

Fresh Food

One of the main benefits of healthy organic food is its freshness. After the harvest, farmers take the food directly to the nearest market. Once it is placed on the shelves, it is sold on the same day. Organic farmers do not store their produce beyond a certain time limit.

Therefore, whatever you buy from the organic market is farm-fresh and straight from the field.

healthy organic food

More Nutrients

Studies show that organic food contains more nutrition than normal fare. You get more Omega 3 fatty acids if you use organic milk. So, it is better than other types of milk or milk products. The same logic comes into play when you choose organic fruits. You become stronger from within. And you also feel more active.

While buying vegetables, choose organic. These are natural, fresh and wholesome. Maybe due to this they also taste much better.

GMO-free Diet

Scientists change the genetic structure of the food. The idea is to make it better. However, this does not always work. Breakfast cereals and fruits with GMO have been found to cause serious health problems. Cancer and digestion issues have been found to be linked with this artificial food. 

In sharp contrast, healthy organic food retains its natural form. So, it is safer for your body. It also has more flavors. When you choose a nature based diet, it truly adds to your good health. 

Good for Environment

There are many ways by which organic farming helps the environment. First, it prevents soil erosion. By holding on to the top soil, farmers prevent the nutrients from being washed away. Second, this method saves energy. Much of the work like tilling and weeding are done by hand.

Finally, it supports the creatures in and around the farm. The worms present in the soil supply the good bacteria. Birds help with pollination. Overall, the air around the farm remains fresh and clean. In this way, growing healthy organic food works well for mother earth. 

healthy organic food good for the Environment

What You Avoid By Eating Health Organic Food

Discussed below are the harmful agents that you avoid when you choose healthy organic food –


Food is something that constantly moves through our bodies. Human beings eat at least three meals during the day. If even one of the meals contains chemicals in high amounts, your health is sure to suffer. Normal foods contain additives which can cause cancer.

By choosing healthy organic food, you avoid additives and hence protect your body from cancer.

Toxic Metals

Metals like lead and mercury pollute the soil. Going ahead, they find their way into crops. Next, they enter the human body and cause illness. All it takes is a tiny amount of metal to cause harm. In small quantities, cadmium can cause cancer. Lead impairs growth in young children and also affects their hearing capacity.

Healthy organic food does not contain metals at all. Therefore, it keeps you completely safe from these toxins.


These are the most common contaminants in food which is grown using normal farming methods. Farmers spray pesticides to speed up the growth of crops. These also drive away pests. But, in the long run they lower the quality of food. Also, food which is grown using pesticides lacks flavors and taste.

The easiest way to avoid these is to buy healthy organic food. When food is allowed to grow and ripen naturally, it is also more flavorful. 

How to Buy Healthy Organic Food

You need not burn a big hole in your purse to buy healthy organic food. People feel that organic food costs more. But if you explore a bit, there are options like the farmer’s markets. Often these turn out to be quite reasonable. Every week farmers sell their produce at an outdoor market. The goods are not just fresh and healthy but are also lower priced.

buy healthy organic food

Then there are online farmer’s markets. You can compare the prices on the Internet. Accordingly decide where to buy healthy organic food from. Besides these, storage facilities also hold stock clearance sales. Keep track of when and where the next one would be held. It might just be possible to hit a jackpot.

As far as possible, try and buy whatever is in season. Healthy organic food is the best when it has been recently harvested. It is also the cheapest during the season because of being easily available.

So long as your source is authentic, healthy organic food in season is the best choice for good health and well-being.

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