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How to Sprout Beans in a Jar from The Kitchen!

Remember that time in middle school where we all had the most exciting experience in which we learned how to sprout beans? Let’s jog your memory a bit. We all had to get out our little jars, put some damp paper towels in it, sprinkled some beans, and miraculously watched them grow! It was the closest thing to magic our young innocent eyes ever saw. It basically IS magic. The idea that you could grow your own little tiny garden of bean sprouts right within your classroom walls. But, it doesn’t stop there. We don’t have to be kids to learn how to sprout beans from our own kitchens! All it takes is a jar, cheesecloth, some rubber bands, and bean sprouts. You’re probably wondering why in the world would you need to consider the idea of how to sprout beans at home when you could just go out and buy some, right?
Well, for starters, fresh sprouts are hard to find. Most convenience stores and supermarkets don’t have fresh sprouts; they get canned sprouts. Most of the time canned veggies are a huge turn-off to any food lover! It’s not in their best interest to stock-up on fresh sprouts, because they wilt fast if they stay on the shelves long. Even if they do, you probably have to pay an amount that is definitely not worth the quantity. So, why not go for the more inexpensive and rewarding path and learn how to sprout beans at home! 

Benefits of Learning How to Sprout Beans at Home!

How to Sprout Beans

It takes little to no effort to sprout your own beans at home. You can literally grab a jar and leave the rest to nature! Just pick a nice cosey spot and that’s basically half the work done. You can toss them in your stir-fry, in your salads, and countless other delicious recipes.  It’s perfect for any plant-based dish. But it’s not just about the flavor – although that’s a HUGE factor in any meal. When you learn how to sprout beans, you learn how to provide your body with great nutritional value. Legumes, grains, and seeds all become much easier to digest when they are in their sprouted form! Why? Well, sprouting these seeds break down the anti-nutrients that are found in plant-based foods. That’s just how plants work. So, if you learn how to sprout beans you also learn how to keep your stomach happy! 

All the starch in the legumes turns into more beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and even protein! You cut your stomach’s work in half. Thus, fewer problems with digestion. The idea of how to sprout beans at home keeps sounding better and better, right?

How to Sprout Beans in Your Own Kitchen!

How to Sprout Beans At Home

The process of how to sprout beans at home is pretty simple, but we’ll break it down to you step-by-step. It will be all crystal clear and you’ll be sprouting in no time! The first thing you should know is that you absolutely do not need any kind of special sprouting equipment or tools for this. You can make do with everything and anything you have on-hand at home. The only thing we suggest is maybe going for sprouting seeds. You could totally go for a random bag of beans, lentils, or whatever it is you want to sprout. But, for better and more satisfying results, you might want to go for sprouting-specific seeds. These seeds are cleaner and less manufactured. Just a little extra step for better quality results when learning how to sprout beans. But, as a beginner, you should probably just go for the store-bought. Other than that, you’re all set! So, shall we begin sprouting?

Step 1: Rinse, Pick & Soak

Get a nice big bowl for your seeds to take a long bath in. Make sure that it’s a size bigger than the amount you have in because these babies are going to EXPAND! You want to go for about three cups of water for every cup of seeds. Dried legumes take up about 8 – 12 hours of soaking, but other seeds could take less. If you go for store-bought seeds, make sure you rinse them really well before you leave them for soaking. You have to make sure to remove all the chemical gunk out. And at this point, you could pick out the bad beans that usually float up to the surface. Cover the bowl or jar with a cheesecloth or any breathable mesh and secure it with a rubber band. You could also leave it open if you don’t have cheesecloth. And then, just leave your little experiment to soak up the water. Just make sure you use cool water. We aren’t boiling these beans! And that’s basically it for the first step of how to sprout beans! Easy!

Step 2: Drain

This is what it is: draining. Pretty much the easiest part of how to sprout beans! Open up your bowl or jar and drain your beans on top of a sieve or colander over your sink. Don’t drop the beans out of the jar. Just tip the jar to get rid of the water. Then, give them a little rinse to get rid of any remaining residue. After that, drain again! Make sure you give them a good shake to get rid of all the excess water. Close the jar with your cheesecloth again, and tip it at an angle inside a bowl. This makes sure whatever excess moisture you have in your jar is gone. No moisture, no mold. Very critical point. This could either make or break the process of how to sprout beans.

Step 3: Repeat!

Yes, you have to repeat. It’s a little lengthier than the process we did as kids. But, we are going for bean sprouts you could actually eat. This is a very important step of how to sprout beans. Open the jar, rinse the bean sprouts, and drain again. Just as you did before. At this point, everything you read about how to sprout beans will start to come to life! Your beans might already have started sprouting at this point! But, we want to go further.  Do this 2-3 times a day. You have to visit your bean sprouts, give them love, and make them feel safe. Okay, a little too much. But you still have to do this if you want good results. After a few days, you’ll have baby sprouts! Congrats! The easy thing about how to sprout beans is that they’ll let you know when they’re ready to be harvested. Once they reach a good-enough length, they’re done!

Step 4: Harvest, Store & Enjoy

The final step of how to sprout beans at home! Tip out your little babies onto a clean paper towel or kitchen towel, wrap them up, and put them in an air-tight container. Make sure you keep the paper towel in the jar to suck up any moisture and keep them fresh longer. But keep in mind they won’t store that long in the fridge, up to 2-3 days at best.  You can also opt for freezing the bean sprouts to keep them for a longer period of time or use them later whenever you have a craving! The first time you do a successful bean spout might be a little weird, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop! You’ll appreciate learning how to sprout beans yourself. Especially once you have a taste of your deliciously sprouted beans!

How to Sprout Beans At Home - Dukangi Organic

More on How to Sprout Beans at Home!

What Can I Sprout?

Now that you’re a bean-sprouting genius, there are a few more things that you could find useful. The world of sprouting doesn’t stop at beans! You can sprout any and every type of legumes, seeds, and even nuts. Whatever you like! Go crazy with it – go nuts. Do you see what we did there? BUT, some seeds are a bit more stubborn than others and are not worth the time and effort – like chia seeds for example. Any seeds that go all gooey when soaked, are a huge no-no. You can go all headstrong and try to do it, but it’ll drive you mad. Kidney beans are great for sprouting, but make sure you cook them – don’t eat them raw. They will make you sick for sure. Trust us, we’ve been there. 

Any Precautions?

You gotta know everything there is to know about how to sprout beans at home – good and bad. The main worry that comes with sprouting beans is an outbreak of certain pathogens like salmonella or e.coli. This is because bacteria love humidity, and so do sprouts! But, this generally happens with store-bought sprouts. Large-scale producers don’t keep track of these things. They can’t make sure 100% that they cleared out all types of pathogens! Which is why you should learn how to sprout beans in a jar from your own kitchen is the safest way to go! You control the process and everything that goes into it. You make sure it’s all clean and minimize any possibility of infections.
Once you learn how to sprout beans, you will never have to buy bean sprouts from a store ever again! You wouldn’t even want to.

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