Pharmaceuticals vs. Alternative Medicine

Pharmaceuticals Vs. Alternative Medicine: Smells Fishy!

The medicine industry is a harsh and cruel one, that’s for sure. Big pharmaceutical firms fight to stay on top, and most companies have turned it into some business. That’s the sad truth. It’s no longer just about finding and providing cures for persistent illnesses. But, the pharmaceutical tract in the healthcare industry faces more than just typical rivalry. It faces a much stronger opponent – an opponent that is as old as time itself! It is the side of healthcare that is now dubbed as alternative medicine! It’s what our great-grandparents used to nurse themselves back to health. The battle of pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine is the battle of the century! Why? Well, for the same reason, any war or conflict arises – money and power. Something kind of smells a little fishy! Are pharmaceutical firms feeling threatened by the alternative medicine tract? Is the pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine battle about to start? Pharmaceutical firms want to stay on top, keep people under their mercy and control. But, alternative medicine is growing rapidly and also gaining a massive audience of supporters! So, which side are you on?

Pharmaceuticals Vs. Alternative Medicine: The Great War

We are going to give you a choice to make a verdict. What you think about it, and which side is more efficient! There are always two sides to the same coin, and that’s not different in this case either. But, before you decide on which side to boycott altogether, you have to fully grasp the idea and belief behind each side of our pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine war. Therefore, let us dive into the world of healthcare, shall we?

What Is The Reality of Pharmaceutical Medicine?

When you think of pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine, you probably might not instantly know what we’re getting at. Pharmaceutical medicine is what we would consider conventional medicine – not all of us, but most. It’s the type of medical care that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. It is based on science and discovery, depends on developments and evolutions, and is run by licensed, trained physicians. Pharmaceutical medicine has a strict framework with rules and regulations they are ‘supposed’ to abide by. It involves everything from drug research and production to medical marketing. Yes, marketing. Even your own medicine needs its marketing team! So, pharmaceutical medicine is the type of healthcare based on chemically-synthesized treatment. But, the core of it is science. They come up with particular medicine, have it clinically tested, and then mass-produce and distribute it. 

Pharmaceuticals have prevented deaths worldwide, helped avoid specific disabilities, and cured numerous deadly diseases. They’re the ones working to find a cure to the current pandemic! So, the conventional path that we know in medical care does a great job. But we have to give alternative medicine some credit too. Let’s flip the coin and see the other side!

Pharmaceuticals vs. Alternative Medicine

What About Alternative Medicine?

We’re almost 100% sure that you have come across alternative medicine at some point in your life, and in different forms. Alternative medicine is not as straightforward as a pharmaceutical. And in the battle of pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine, alternative medicine has a few more perks. For one, in some ways, it’s much cheaper! People are more willing to try something out if it’s going to cost them less. We know we’d give it a shot, primarily since alternative medicine relies on, well, nature! It is the healthcare tract of our ancestors. It’s opting for an alternative to taking pharmaceutical drugs – depending on your medical situation. There are different forms of alternative medicine; have you tried any? It could be as simple as brewing a cup of tea made out of natural organic healing herbs, or as complex as getting pricked with a hundred needles! So, how many of these alternative medicines do you know?

Types of alternative medicine:

Pharmaceuticals vs. Alternative Medicine
  • Acupuncture: Well, acupuncture is the art of sticking needles into your back. Yes, just like you see in movies. It’s a basic form of remedy that is used across nations and in different cultures. AND, apparently, for some people, it works! Of course, there is no scientific evidence to base this success on; but that’s how most alternative medicines are! The idea behind it is to provide balance to your body’s energy. It is used to heal back and knee pain, headaches and migraines, and osteoarthritis. And many other cases that have proven to be very useful. Quite odd and prickling – but if it works, it works!  
  • Ayurveda: This is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicines. It’s ancient! It is based on the belief that the mind, body, and soul must be in complete harmony. Anything that causes an imbalance makes you sick! They use the power of the five elements in the healing procedure. It is believed to help in reducing symptoms of type 2 diabetes and certain kinds of arthritis.
  • Homeopathy: Homeopathy is based on the belief that the body can heal itself on its own.  In other words, it triggers the body’s defenses. Bring up the firewalls. It’s like facing your enemy, with no extra weapons. It treats allergies, migraines, and rheumatism.
  • Manual Therapy: Now, THIS is not so out of this world. Orthopediatricians from across the globe helped in improving mobility, tissue extensibility, and increasing range of motion. Professional athletes rely on this type of alternative medicine very heavily throughout their careers. So, it’s not something strange. It uses massages, lymph drainage, and stretches as a form of therapy. It’s instrumental.
  •  Apitherapy: Apitherapy uses a form of treatment that comes straight from honeybees. Sounds somewhat cute, right? Apitherapy is for some wounds and injuries, and to treat arthritis, shingles, and infections. But, don’t get us wrong. Apitherapy uses more than just the honey from honeybees. It uses venom, honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and beeswax—pretty much everything.
  • Leeches: This type of alternative medicine gives us goosebumps. In the pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine battle – pharmaceutical wins for us. That’s for sure. But, it’s a natural and practiced form of alternative medicine. Granted, you can’t use any leeches. They have to be bred under excellent and clean conditions. The leeches are placed in specific places, points that require healing and then do their work. They are used to treat arthritis, sciatica, hemorrhoids, and ulcers. 
  • Hydrotherapy: Now, this is a type of alternative medicine we can get on board with! Hydrotherapy is, as its name indicates, a therapy that uses water. Different water structures at different temperatures are used in the healing process. Things like water tubs, saunas, and showers are all part of hydrotherapy. In essence, cold water is used to cause blood to flow away from the surface of the body organ, while hot water causes blood vessels to expand! Thus, it removes any waste from the body through sweat glands.

So, What’s it going to be? Pharmaceuticals vs. Alternative Medicine: The Verdict

We guess there’s always a good and bad side for everything. But, when it comes to pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine, it all depends on what you think about it all. Of course, we would advise you to resort to conventional forms of healthcare if you suffer any severe disease. There’s nothing wrong with going for alternative medicine, but some things need a little bit more. So, what’s your verdict on the pharmaceuticals vs. alternative medicine? Are you team conventional, or do you think about those needles! Let us know! Alternative medicine is a little bit of a risky business. It could go both ways. Either it works and has excellent outcomes. Or, it does nothing to you at all. On the other hand, pharmaceutical medicine promises results because they are usually clinically tested.

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