Low In Fat - Is it a healthy body composition?

Low in fat: Is it a Healthy Body Composition?

Low in fat products and foods are available today in every corner. These products contain less fat than others. People usually consume low fat products to reduce body fat.
However, fat is an essential element in our body composition. So, is it healthy to have a low fat body composition?

Body composition
Body fat mass

As we already know, our body composition depends on three elements:

Fat, muscles, and water. Thus, a specific diet might reduce fats, but increase water and muscles instead.
Below, we are focusing on the health impacts of body fat mass.

Body composition

Calculating your body composition puts you on the right track. It gives you exact percentages to set up your needs. Your body might need more water, less fat, or more muscle.

Calculate your body composition

It does not depend on the number of kilos you see on the scale. It depends on how these kilos are distributed in your body.

If your body needs less fat, low in fat foods can help you. It is true that they contain fewer fats, but be careful. If you overeat low in fat foods, you will not get the results you want.

For example, low-fat mayonnaise is 30% less fat than the original one. It is still high in fat, and indeed not a low-calorie product.

Reducing body fat is good, but…

Reducing body fat mass always sounds a great idea.
If you are trying to lose weight, you worry about the amount of fat in the food. You may choose low-fat products, especially for diabetes and heart disease.

However, Some fats are healthy and needed for the body. While others are very harmful. What are the different types of fats? And what are the most important facts that you need to know?

Saturated fat

Saturated fat intake per day shouldn’t exceed 20-30g for men and women.
You can find saturated fats in many foods, such as:

  • Meat and meat products.
  • Milk and milk products.
  • Cheese and butter.
  • Some types of biscuits, cakes, and pastries.

Trans fat

Synthetic trans fat is the worst type of food fat. We should minimize it to the highest degree.
The American Heart Association recommends less than 2 grams per day of it.
We find trans fats naturally and in small quantities in some foods. (such as meat and dairy products.)

Unsaturated fats

They carry benefits for the human body and help reduce harmful cholesterol.

For example, omega-3 and omega-6. You can find them in many natural food sources, such as:

  • Vegetable oils: olive oil and canola oil.
  • Oily fish: salmon and sardines.
  • Nuts: nuts and almonds.
  • Seeds: sunflower seed.
  • Some types of vegetables and fruits: avocado and coconut.

Not all fats are dangerous

Harmful fats raise cholesterol in the body and cause heart diseases.
They are the main reason for weight gain. And thus increase the chances of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Healthy fats for a healthy body composition
Healthy fats for a healthy body composition

But some fats are beneficial to the body. They are a source of energy.

They contain fat-soluble vitamins that our body needs. (such as vitamin A, D, E, AND K).

They provide fatty acids that the body cannot produce.

Low in fat product is better than fat-free

Low in fat food means food that contains fewer fats. But a fat-free product does not contain fat at all.

People follow fat-free diets as an effective plan to lose body fat. Those who follow this kind of diet see results in a short period. But following it may cause several health problems.

Good fats are a significant source of calories. They build the cell membrane and hormones and helps the body absorb vitamins.
They also add delicious flavor to food.

It is worth noting that the type of fat is more important than its quantity. The American Heart Association advised eating 30% of good fat per day.

Eating fat-free products does damage your health. Your body needs good fat to function well. That’s why a low in fat body composition is not healthy.

So, if you are on a diet, we advise you to eat low-fat, not fat-free. Low-fat foods contain less fat compared to regular products. However, fat-free ones deprive your body of essential needs. If you’re interested in building muscle, check out this article to learn all about it.

Low-fat body composition is dangerous

Your body needs fat as well as it needs water and muscles. We call them “good fats.” They are necessary because they provide your body with vital needs.

This does not mean you can eat as much fat as you want. Here, it’s a matter of balance:
Choose the proper kinds of fat and control your quantities.

Consume good fats for a healthy body composition

Your body composition highly relies on good fat. To keep a healthy body, we are giving you some tips:

Avoid fried, oiled food, and use low-fat cooking methods.(baking, boiling, steamed, or grilling).

Consume fruits and vegetables. They are low in fat.

Choose chicken Breast. 85 grams of grilled chicken breast contains only three grams of fat and 26 grams of protein. It provides large quantities of vitamin B6, selenium, and phosphorous.

Eggs are good. They contain high-quality protein, healthy fats, and other important nutrients.

Get enough sleep.

Exercise in the morning. A person can burn 20% of body fat if they exercise in the morning.

Exercising boosts your body composition
Exercising boosts your body composition

In conclusion, to ensure a healthy lifestyle, two things you should not neglect:
Whatever your weight goal is, know what you are eating and control your food intake.

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