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How Healthy Food Jumpstarts A Fitness Journey

Every new year’s resolution starts with the decision: Get in shape! Well, we know our resolution did. The year’s halfway through (Thank God!), but we still have time to begin our fitness journey. It doesn’t matter when you decide to start, as long as you do! Which is why we decided to make this a little easier for you. So you got your gym membership at the ready, and you even bought the cutest gym wear. But you need more than that for an excellent fitness plan. Healthy food is the key to any proper diet. It is the body’s fuel that ensures you have enough strength to go through this journey. It’s the more massive part of the fitness scale. You can’t have a successful fitness story without a proper diet that consists mainly of healthy food! But don’t worry, we have everything you need. Just keep reading!

Healthy Food

The Beginning of a Fitness Journey!

Whether you decide to lose or gain weight, your fitness journey has to begin somewhere! It doesn’t matter when you begin your fitness, the only thing that matters is that you DO! It’s scary and often hard to make the decision to change your lifestyle, but once you do you’ll be very happy you did! You set a goal and commit to it daily. Create a personalized workout plan that suits your life schedule, and set your journey in motion! And always remember, any step towards reaching your goal, no matter how small, is significant! But, to take the right step you should begin with healthy food!

Why Your Food Makes a Difference

So, if you’re halfway through your teenage years or more and never been on a diet, we congratulate you! But the odds are, you probably tried a few diets by now. It’s the diet culture that surrounds us all. It’s fine. Don’t let a diet-gone-wrong stop you from achieving your goals. We won’t allow a bad diet to drag you down! Most diets happen to be very restrictive and choose certain food groups over others; like a carb-free diet, or protein-based diet. But, favouring a food group over the other is not the path to choose. And any diet that promises results through such regimen ultimately fails. We don’t want that. We want results. 

We’re trying to say that you should not eliminate a particular food group from your diet. Instead, you should turn to healthy food in general. Healthy, wholesome food!

Healthy Food vs Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy Food - healthy food

What classifies a food as healthy food or unhealthy? What defines healthy food, anyway? When we think about healthy food, we believe fat-free, sugar-free, low-cal and other things along the line. Any food item with a vast flashy label that claims it’s zero-calorie is either false or flavourless. Producers manufacture and stock up the food with chemicals and artificial flavours that they barely have enough space for nutrients. 

Unhealthy food, in essence, lacks good stuff! That’s the critical difference between unhealthy and healthy food. Healthy food has all the essential macronutrients that your body needs to function. Moreover, healthy food ensures that you have enough energy to go through your workout program and become more durable than ever! You fuel your muscles, stamina and overall strength—no more artificial stuff and false promises made by the advertisement agencies. Keep your body clean and strong with fresh, healthy food.

Rich Food, Rich Body, Rich Mind

We established that nutrition is more important than exercise. The choice of food could make or break your fitness goals! But that doesn’t just mean reaching for an apple instead of a cookie all the time. Nutrient-rich food is the way to go when on a fitness journey. A diet based on healthy food could reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and reduce water retention at the same time. Music to our ears! It sounds simple enough, right? Well, actually it is simple! You just have to follow a few calculated steps, and you’re all set. You pick food rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and food with the right amount of proteins, carbs and fat! The key is a perfect balance between them all. So, we’ll break it down to you, and fill you in on all the details. We begin with the breakdown of healthy food: SUPERFOODS. 

Super Healthy Food Breakdown

Before we dive into the basics of all the healthy foods that will get you right on track, we have to make a few things understood—first things first: breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to jumpstart any good fitness journey. Start your day with a well-balanced breakfast to kickstart your metabolism and provide the blood sugar needed to power your brain and body. But don’t go for the artificial cereal or quick on-the-go protein bar. Have some good organic healthy food fit for everyday eating! Put a little more time and effort into your breakfast, and you’ll feel much better throughout the day. Let’s dive deeper into this. We’ll tell you exactly how to classify foods as a superfood or not! We’ll specify the macronutrient and fill you in on all the “need to know” details!

Carbs: The Frenemy

Organic Healthy food - healthy food

Carbs are your enemies! Wait. What? NO! Carbs are NOT your enemies. Carbohydrates are macronutrients that are very important to your body. Everything has its role, and carbs have an essential one. Carbs are responsible for the production of energy in our bodies. They are the primary source of energy. The only reason carbs could be bad for a weight-loss diet, is when they are the wrong type of carb! 

There are two types of carbs: simple and complex. Simple carbs are like sweets and junk food, while complex carbs are like fruits, veggies and whole grains! In terms of your relationship with carbs, always opt for the “it’s complex”! Complex carbs are, well, complicated. It takes your body more time to digest them, which means you’ll feel full for longer. It’s a surefire way to stay energized throughout the day! No need to give up your pasta!


Essential Protein - healthy food

Proteins are the macronutrients responsible for the maintenance, growth and repair of the body organs! They are also the nutrients responsible for your muscle growth. AKA, the results you worked on for so long. Without the proper amount of protein in your diet, your muscles will die. This happens when you don’t have enough carbs in your body! Which brings us back to our previous point. When you don’t have the carbs fuel for energy, your body will run on protein. No one wants that! We need our protein. Your body will use up your protein storage, muscles, and sustenance, especially when you’re working out and using a lot of energy. 

So, go for some excellent lean protein that keeps your muscles happy! Eat foods like chicken, eggs, fish and legumes! Even if you’re on a plant-based diet, you can still get your proteins in!

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Healthy Fats - healthy food

The word fat can often scare some people, but it shouldn’t really. Fat is a very misunderstood macronutrient, and we feel sorry for it. So, we want to set the record straight. Fats won’t make you… well, fat! Not really. Because, just like everything else, there are different types of fat. There are good fats that help produce essential fatty acids and give you the calories you need to keep you on your toes! Fats that our body processes a little bit better. At least they won’t be stored at your hips! Healthy fats include avocados, nuts, and certain oils! These are all the right healthy foods that you need in your diet. Every type of clean, healthy food has a part in benefitting your body! So, they must all be present in your diet in specific amounts! Everything in moderation. Too much of a good thing could go wrong!

Don’t Skip the Cherry On Top!

healthy food - Fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies! You can’t go without them. They’re the most colourful source of fibres, vitamins and minerals, and are truly low in calories and fats. They don’t even have to advertise it. That’s just what fruits and vegetables are! You can’t make this up. Just ask science. Besides, how fun would it be to eat the rainbow, literally? And that’s what you should aim to do. Make sure you fit in a bunch of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. You can eat dried fruits for a snack or a healthy salad. Either way, adding some colour to your diet is good for your soul and your body. They’re fun and full of vitamins! Win-win!

Healthy Food Bonus Round!

Sometimes, the best fitness food is the least expected! But, keep in mind that healthy food will always mean clean, wholesome and pure organic food. You never have to think twice about whether or not this healthy food is good for you! There’s no place for doubt with whole foods. So, invest some time into your body, and make sure you make healthy foods the critical character in your fitness journey! Always find the balance in everything you do, including what you eat. Be mindful and conscious of your healthy food choices, and give your body the respect it deserves!

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