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Effects of Electropollution: An Invisible Threat

So, you’re sitting in bed, scrolling through the very last IG stories. Your eyes sting a little, but you just assume that’s because you feel sleepy – you ignore it and go one. Finally, it’s time to go to sleep! What do you do? You lock your phone and set it on the nightstand right by your head without giving it a second thought! We are all guilty of doing these exact actions. It is not often that we give too much thought to the steps that we do daily, especially when it seems so trivial, like putting your phone on the nightstand. In our defense, nightstands serve the purpose of setting things close at night! Right? Well, in essence, yes. But, it was probably not meant for your electronic devices. Have you ever heard of the effects of electropollution? 

Yes, another type of pollution that could potentially kill you. This type of pollution happens to be even more dangerous than the ones we already know! It’s a silent killer that looks too innocent from afar. Dr. Robert Becker even announced it to be the catastrophe of the 21st century! Does it come to you as a surprise that the possible greatest health threat lies between your hands? We live in an era of technology, where most of the technological advancements took place. So, what else can we expect? Nothing comes without a price! We got smartphones, WiFi connection, mobile data, video game consoles, and even electrically powered toys. The air around us is FULL of electromagnetic radiation that could have a potential detrimental long-term effect on our bodies. So, do these electromagnetic radiations actually harm our health? And if so, to what extent? Could this invisible threat be the reason for our early demise?

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?

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Before we get into the effects of electropollution, we first have to break down electromagnetic fields! You have to have a basic understanding of what they are and what they do! Don’t worry; we won’t go all physics-ey on you! Electromagnetic fields, AKA radiations, are invisible spaces of energy that is produced by electricity. This field depends on the strength of the provided voltage. So, as the voltage increase, the power of the electric field increases too! Whereas, when the current increases, the magnetic field increases also. The constant flow of current through power lines is why they create large magnetic fields surrounding them. Magnetic fields can pass through any solid material like buildings, walls, or even the human body! Electromagnetic fields are naturally occurring for the Earth’s gravitational field balance, weather patterns, and natural phenomena.

At this very moment, as you read this article, invisible fields of electrons collide with your bodies and penetrate them like tiny stealthy needles. These metaphoric needles trigger a biochemical reaction that is the foundation of possible disease! You may not be aware of this, but our bodies actually function on electrical impulses – small electrical fields! Now, just like any electric field, the effects of electropollution could disrupt these electrical impulses – including electrical devices! The brain, the most famous bioactive organ, functions on brainwaves with a frequency between 0 to 33 cycles per second! Now, most cellular carriers include data waves that fall right into that frequency range. So, your brain ultimately takes the full BLAST!

Electromagnetic fields also react with electrically-charged particles in your body – like calcium and sodium ions. It is effortless for these waves to penetrate your skull and wreck chaos in your brain! It’s all about a specific balance. Everything around us has its electromagnetic field with a particular frequency – each one is essential to the balance of life! Any disruption could cause significant harm to us and the environment. The effects of magnetic fields are so monumental that! So much so that NASA studied the impact of changes in electromagnetic fields between space and Earth on the astronauts’ bone structure! Astronauts could lose about 10 percent of bone mass over a six-month stay in space, with the recovery after returning to Earth, taking at least three or four years! This fact is why NASA added an artificial electromagnetic field to its spacecraft to mimic the Earth’s electromagnetic. So, in short, human beings need a balanced amount of electromagnetic radiation around them! Any disruption will undoubtedly cause significant damage to our bodies! 

The Unveiling: The Effects of Electropollution Unmasked!

Electropollution Effects - Invisible Enemy

The use of electronic devices and appliances boomed over the past years. We have become heavily dependent on wireless technologies for convenience, entertainment, and other aspects of their lives. It is scary how much these electronic devices have become an integral part of modern life! So much so that one cannot exist without the other. But, with electric power comes grave consequences. All of these devices generate artificial man-made electromagnetic fields and radiations that harm the human body! The ongoing debate between scientists, market investors, governments, and industries on EMF’s health effects is yet to come to an end. There are hundreds of studies that show the relationship between low-level wireless signals and several biological effects. But, on the other hand, there are even more studies that refute the whole theory! These different studies show that single signals don’t have a connection to any biological effect. Most people avoid the issue entirely with a claim of a lack of proof or data! But at what cost? There is absolutely no proof either that such exposure can be deemed safe!

The whole idea became a target for stockholders and market giants who will suffer if the truth does come out! Most regulatory agencies consist of engineers and telecommunication executives who have no background in biology or health. These members are unqualified and unfit to make such giant choices on behalf of human health. 

A rationale for biologically-based public exposure standards for electromagnetic fields By BioInitiative linked wireless and low-level electromagnetic radiation to DNA damage, chromosome mutation, different type of cancers, inflammation, and more! The scientists even found a connection between the effects of electropollution with common-day issues like headaches, sleep trouble, joint and muscle pains, and even concentration issues. Who would have thought that the culprit might be your phone or tablet? The effects of electropollution come from man-made toxic electric frequencies surrounding us – these are the electromagnetic fields discussed before! These frequencies mess up the electrical communication that happens within the body and therefore cause serious health issues.

Sources of Electropollution?

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It can’t be a coincidence that with the rise of the wireless revolution came a wave of new diseases and disorders. Around the same time that the world witnessed a huge technological breakthrough, new neurological and health disorders slowly emerged. These diseases include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, certain types of cancers, and more. As time progressed, even more conditions surfaced – diabetes, attention deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD), and Autism. People started to report sleep problems, anxiety disorders, depression, and drug abuse. Keep in mind that all of this happened around the time technology became widespread. The health industry is so hellbent on finding medications for prevailing diseases. But, seldom do we see them trying to solve issues at the root cause. And no one seems to be asking the right questions? Could the effects of electropollution be the missing factor?

Is it the invisible threat triggering our hearts, our brains, and our endocrine systems? 

Where are these new diseases coming from? What’s the leading cause? A lot of scientists penned the reason to be either environmental factors or lifestyle! Let’s discuss for a moment the sources of electropollution and let you think for a while.

WiFi and 5G Mobile Technologies

We all use wireless mobile devices to communicate with people across the globe! And so comes mobile technology development. We saw 2G, 3G, and 4G technology systems for mobile devices. With the oncoming uproar of the 5G technology, people say it is the dawn of a new communication era. This system could support smart homes, buildings, cities, cars, and even the roads itself. But what about human health and the effects of electropollution? Where does 5G stand? There were lots of public concerns related to mobile communication technologies and potential health risks in the past. All these systems use radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transmit and receive information. Of course, with 5G, this is all applied on a much larger scale. Many biologists argue that high-speed 5G technology contributes to the effects of electropollution in being a hazard to all living organisms’ health. Even the World Health Organization deemed it carcinogen! More studies have to be conducted on the effects of electropollution before implementing 5G technology! This could have substantial health risks in the future that could be catastrophic.​ 

Cell Phones, Television Sets, and Computer Screens

Mobile phones help people stay connected. That’s pretty nice and positive. But, cell phones and towers give off radio frequencies considered high-frequency electromagnetic fields. These devices transmit radio waves and receive their signals from cellphone towers. There could be a cell tower every hundred meters or even every few kilometers – it depends on the area.

In comparison, the transmission level depends on the number of calls and the distance between the callers. But, let’s be real for a moment. What are the odds that you just go chill under a cell phone tower? The odds are slim. So, cellphone towers don’t really pose much of a threat; but your cellphone certainly does. The general way to use a cellphone is up close and personal with your head. The effects of electropollution in the case of cell phones include the possibility of cancer development. The effects of electropollution on excitable tissues in the brain and nervous tissue could cause cancer. But, this hypothesis is yet to be truly proven. Television sets and computer screens share the same concept as mobile phones. They both produce electromagnetic fields with different frequencies.

Microwave Ovens

Did your mother ever yell at you not to stand in front of the microwave? Well, microwaves operate on extremely high power levels of electromagnetic fields that have elevated health risks if possible leakage occurs. Lucky for us, most microwaves nowadays have a magnificent structure that prevents any leakage.


Navigation, weather forecasting, and military applications all use radars for services. Radars give off pulsed microwave signals and electromagnetic fields. 

Security systems

Anti-theft systems use tags that require electrical coils at the exits that deactivate only with a purchase. Security systems also use access control systems that work in the same way as tags. All these systems emit a strong electromagnetic field around them that occasionally exceed guideline limits. 

Health Effects of Electropollution

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To study the health effects of electropollution, scientists considered the biological effects on the human body. Biologists and MDs studied the body’s response to different stimuli to find the effects of electropollution on health. The human body is a fine-tuned machine that often learns to adapt to other circumstances. But, when the stimulus comes from a hundred different directions every day, it’s harder to adjust. It doesn’t have enough mechanisms to fight off all biological effects of electropollution – especially since it comes from so many surrounding factors.

General Health

The effects of electropollution are diverse, but according to some health studies’ reported symptoms, there are many common symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, suicidal inclinations, fatigue, and possible loss of libido. There are no concrete scientific data to support these studies. So, we can’t confidently blame the effects of electropollution. But, if you are healthy and don’t have any underlying disease and feel these symptoms at the end of a long day of exposure. Then that’s probably due to electropollution!


Doctors often advise pregnant patients to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. This advice comes from a fear of potential risk factors to the mother and the fetus itself. Of course, just like other studies, there are no scientific facts to base these assumptions. But it’s better safe than sorry. We know that we live in a world where electromagnetic fields surround our every activity. And we know that radiations, in general, have a biologically active effect on the human body. 


Not enough studies in the world could possibly refute this idea. The effects of electropollution extend to your eyesight. We have all experienced this first hand, and we know that it is true. Just take a whole hour scrolling through your phone, and see how your eyes feel. People reported eye irritation and cataracts, especially with office workers, after extended exposure to high levels of electromagnetic frequencies. 


Cancer is a controversial topic when it comes to the effects of electropollution. Up till today, there has been no real evidence that cancer risk increases with increased exposure to electromagnetic fields. A few studies suggested that there might be a small increase in the risk of leukemia in children exposed to low-frequency magnetic fields.

So, the verdict on the effects of electropollution is still not out. But, electropollution seems very sus in our opinion.

Types of Electropollution

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So, not only is electropollution trying to kill us silently, but it is also trying to kill us in four different ways! There are four main types of electropollution that you encounter in your day-to-day life.
The four types of electropollution are magnetic fields, wireless radiation, AC electric fields, and dirty electricity.  

Magnetic Fields

This type of electropollution refers to low-frequency magnetic fields from devices that use a frequency of 60 Hertz for 120 Volt or 50 Hertz for 220 Volt. These magnetic fields don’t exist when the device is shut off or plugged out because they depend on current flow. So, you can avoid the effects of electropollution from magnetic fields by unplugging the device.

Wireless Radiation

As opposed to the previously mentioned type of electropollution, wireless radiation refers to very high-frequency electromagnetic fields. These radiations come from devices that send and receive signals wirelessly. This electropollution category includes cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi networks, and a plethora of other wireless devices we now have at home. These devices use the air as a transmission medium – they use radio waves and microwaves. So basically, you’re surrounded by a fog of energy. 

AC Electric Fields (ELF)

This type of electropollution comes from electric fields emitted by AC electric volts of low-frequency electric fields. These fields come from items that use around 60 Hertz for 120 Volts and 50 Hertz for 220 Volt of AC electricity. These electric fields don’t require the device or apparatus to stay plugged in the outlet. So, they can still emit radiation when unplugged. 

Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity is the spike of electrical energy the travels in your building’s wiring. This dirty electricity is due to appliances and electronic devices that manipulate electrical current to function. This type of electropollution moves around throughout the structure and radiates electromagnetic fields into the rooms it passes through. It is basically unusable energy caused by a malfunction or interference in the electrical wirings. WiFis, computer chargers, plasma TVs, and energy-saving lights all generate dirty electricity. This power surge could even travel to other buildings via power lines! It’s like a tricky insect! 

Even if this type of electropollution seems tiny and innocent, it is actually associated with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even neurological disorders. We are frequently in close proximity to dirty electricity and other forms of electropollution. THere’s just so much the body could take. 

How to Reduce the Effects of Electropollution

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Now, we know this might be a lot to take in. The most important thing you should take away from this article is how to reduce the effects of electropollution on yourself and your loved ones. 

All this information may be overwhelming, especially if you are learning about it for the first time. There are a lot of things you can do that don’t take up much effort! So, here’s how to reduce the effects of electropollution:

Put Your Cellphone on Airplane Mode at Night

So, your phone sends out a signal using radio frequencies to use WiFi, Bluetooth, or a cellular network. Ultimately, this creates electromagnetic field radiation. This is the reason why you always have to put your phone on airplane mode when flying! So that the electromagnetic waves emitted by your phone don’t disrupt the sensors and other plane equipment. Of course, you won’t crash the whole plane if you forget to switch your phone to airplane mode. But, make sure to take the flight attendant’s advice on this.

So, airplane mode disables these radio signals and therefore reduce the effects of electropollution. All it takes is a tap!

Turn Off Your WiFi Router at Night

This step is pretty simple and won’t affect you that much. You will save energy, sleep better, and have more excellent health. It’s the little things that make all the difference sometimes. You will minimize the amounts of radiation flying through the air and penetrating your body. This way, you will ensure to have a good night’s sleep.

Invest in Natural Negative Ion Producers

Natural negative ions could have a positive impact on your body. You can find them in Earth and in nature. They often make you feel very relaxed and calm – like when you visit the mountains, take a hike, go to the beach, and even when you shower! You can mimic nature’s negative ion production by investing in natural negative ion producers. You can buy and burn natural beeswax candles, get a cool Himalayan salt lamp, and surround yourself with lots of leafy green plants. This step is more of a therapeutic one, but it is much needed – especially in 2020! We all need to relax more.   

Spend Some Time in Nature

It’s time you virtually unplug yourself! Really! Take some time to distance yourself from all electronic devices and spend some time in nature. Blue wavelength light comes from electronic devices that can affect your sleep and other bodily functions. So, taking some time off of these materials could really be the break your body needs. 

Use Headphones to Talk to People

You should use your phone thoughtfully! Take a moment and consider all the adverse effects you subject your body to just by taking a phone call. So, try to keep your phone in your purse or briefcase! Just try to keep it within a safe distance from your body. Also, opt for speakerphone calls if you can. If you can’t, just use some headphones or earphones to take your call. It’s the easiest way to distance your head from the radiation that comes from your phone.

Extra Notes!

You can go the extra mile if you really put your mind to it. You can do some things to reduce the effects of electropollution would be moving your bed away from any source of electromagnetic fields. Try to be one with nature and maybe take a walk barefoot – not on the pavement. Go somewhere beautiful if you can and take a spiritual walk! The effects of electropollution, although not entirely scientifically proven yet, are detrimental in the long-run. Even though you can’t see, hear, smell, touch, or even physically feel the existence of electropollution, it exists. And with the development of technology by the minute, we are sure that the effects of electropollution will soon be out in the open. So, it’s better to be equipped with all the knowledge you need to fight this invisible threat!

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