Struggles of the vegan lifestyle

In a world full of fast food and delicious steaks, some of us tolerate it. They resist with conviction. These people are the vegans. The concept of veganism is becoming more vast year after year. Being vegan is not that simple. It is not just a matter of food choice; It is a lifestyle. Yet, a vegan lifestyle carries some difficulties. Starting from the tiny wide of choice to a large amount of criticism.

We are going to share with you the struggles of a vegan lifestyle.

But before, you have to know that vegans and vegetarians are not the same.

Who’s a vegan?

A vegan does not eat meat and any animal-based product as well. (including milk, eggs, and honey).

A plant-based diet and veganism are not the same.

The first is what a person chooses to achieve specific goals.

The second is a lifestyle with a moral: We should not exploit animals.

The vegan lifestyle

When outings and events depend on food, vegans do not enjoy it. According to vegans, open wing night is a nightmare. A pizza reunion as well.

Perhaps we don’t know, but the truth is that food plays a big part in our lifestyle.
Vegans say that a vegan lifestyle is the most ethical system in the world. This system is good for the environment. It is a way of life that respects the rights of others. It does not harm others and takes their safety into account.

It is a commitment to live as empty as possible.

A vegan also avoids non-food animal products, like fur, leather, wool, etc. They don’t exploit animals for commercial needs.

“We are not only protecting our health but animal rights as well.”

Lots of benefits

We are sharing with you some benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

Good for heart health

A study at Harvard found that veganism promotes heart health. People who ate vegan food reduced their risk of heart disease by 25%. While those who ate unhealthy food had a 32% higher risk.

Fewer risk of diabetes

Vegans have a regular level of sugar in the blood. They are also less weight than others.

Protects from cancer

A vegan diet is low in fat and high in dietary fiber. It contributes to a lower risk of various types of cancer.

Reduces high blood pressure

People who do not eat meat have lower blood pressure than others. “Following a vegan diet for two weeks lowers blood pressure.” – Dietitian

How can one be a vegan?

When we asked a vegan this question, he replied:

He must have a moral obligation to live without harming animals. And it does not stop at food only.

A vegan lifestyle
A vegan does not exploit animals

He doesn’t have to wear animal leather. He must not support amusement that treats the animal as a commodity. A vegan lifestyle means full respect for animals.

More vegans in the Gulf

The awareness of animal rights is rising in the Arab Gulf. We expect numbers to reach at least tens of thousands by the end of the year. The numbers are increasing due to the spread of social media. It enables us to share our experiences and ideas.

Some experiences

Four months ago, I decided to be a vegan. At first, I started as a vegetarian, and then I switched. It’s not easy to stop eating meat when you are used to it. But once you succeed, you are more than proud of yourself. My weight went down from 74 to 69 in less than three weeks. And my muscle percentage increased as well. I do not regret that I have switched to a vegan lifestyle. (Sarah, 24 years old)

Vegan lifestyle
A Vegan bowl

I became vegan since the beginning of the year. The unethical method practiced in meat and poultry factories shocked me. Of course, I benefited, as I felt the difference on my skin. The young eruptions disappeared and became more energetic. Most of my friends are Vegans, and of course, they support me. (Faten, 46)

If the method becomes more ethical, I may return to milk and derivatives.
I am proud that I have chosen a vegan lifestyle. Some of my friends encouraged me, but some others started criticizing. My parents first told me:
Are you crazy? You are not forbidding what God has permitted!
But over time, they became accustomed. (Ramzi, 32)

I study in Egypt, where vegan restaurants are everywhere. Egyptians knowledge encouraged me to become a vegan. But the main reason was a movie I saw on National Geographic. (Zeina, 41)

Since my childhood, I have not accepted eating meat. Animals are beings who have the right to live like us. Almost a year ago, I started learning more about the meat and egg industry. And I discovered that it is immoral, and its only goal is money. A vegan lifestyle is more suitable for the planet. (Nour, 29)


A vegan does face a lot of criticism because of his moral thoughts.

vegan lifestyle
Non-vegans protesting

Non-vegans always try to decline the facts. They try to show veganism as superficial and unimportant. They refuse scientific and logical evidence. (Rima, 56)

Meat-eating activists continue their provocative actions on vegans.

An activist in London ate a raw squirrel in front of a vegan store. During his act, he was wearing a T-shirt: “Vegan Diet means Malnutrition.” While arrested, he said:
“A Vegan seeks to turn humans into animals. He wants to make people feed on plants like a cow.”

What does a vegan eat?

Vegan lifestyle
Vegan friends at home


Legumes include beans, lentils, and chickpeas. Legumes are a good source of carbs, protein, and fiber. Three servings of legumes is food as an alternative source of protein for meat.


Soybeans are equivalent to meat protein. They are low in saturated fat.


2.5 cups of fruit daily is good for a vegan. You can learn all about the benefits of organic fruits!


4 portions of vegetables daily is good for vegans.


Nuts include nuts, almonds, etc. They are good sources of dietary fiber.
Nuts contain essential nutrients and minerals. (calcium and iron).


The seeds include pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower. These seeds are a rich source of omega-3. They are a source of energy for the body.


Include whole grains such as wheat, barley, oats, and quinoa. They are rich in proteins, minerals, B vitamins, and fiber.

Final words

A vegan lifestyle is suitable for all people and all ages. The most expensive food is meat and the rest of the animal products. When you switch to veganism, your bill will decrease by at least 50%.

The dream of all vegetable activists is to see the world 100%. We will soon hear about cities and countries converting to the vegan lifestyle. Veganism is the only way for sustainable nutrition on this earth.

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