Plant based diet while on a budget

Plant-Based Diet While on a Budget

Diets, diets, diets. Hundreds of new diets are emerging every year. With the evolution of healthcare, physical health became necessary. A diet is an eating plan that specialists organize for their clients, according to his\her body composition. The dietitian and the client choose a specific type of diet to follow. It could be a keto, a fasting plan, or a plant-based diet, etc.

One of these types of diets avoids animals and their derivatives. Not only for the aim of weight loss but also an ethical approach. We are talking about the plant-based diet.

Many people attack plant-based diets saying that they damage their health. And many others say that they cost more than meat-based ones.

What do you think? Is eating a plant-based diet while on a budget possible?

Plant-based diet
Is bread expensive?

Criticism over plant-based diets is increasing over time. However, supporters of this diet are growing as well. To know if a plant-based diet costs more than other types of diets, keep reading!

Diets In General

Diets, in general, mean eating less; in other words, reducing food intake. And reducing food intake means reducing food costs. Because when you eat less, you buy less food; thus, you pay less money.
Yet, some types of diets need specific foods. Which might be more expensive than the regular ones. (such as keto diets)

But while plant-based diets rely on plants, does it cost more than meat-based ones? Are meat and dairy more affordable than vegetables, legumes, and grains?

Plant-Based Diets Cost Less

“Plant-based diet is expensive.” We hear this a lot. Yet, affordable but efficient plant-based food is not at all a myth. It is a reality that requires two main approaches:
Choosing food products right and maintaining a healthy system.
According to nutritional researchers, most plant-based foods are low in price. There are indeed some expensive products. But the most suitable ones for the diet are inexpensive.

Plant-based diet
Plant-based plate

A small tour of any supermarket proves this. Compare the prices of chicken breast, tuna, and yogurt with fruits, toasts, and grains. We are not saying that all plant-based foods are the cheapest. Yet, most of the plant-based products are financially accessible to all people.

Omar, a new supporter of plant-based diets tells his story:
I work as a driver in Oman. And you know how driving all day is tiring. At the end of the day, I used to throw my tired body on the sofa. It took me five years to realize that I have to change my lifestyle. Today, I am on a plant-based diet. I feel more energetic, and most importantly, I am saving money!

Cheapest Plant-Based Foods With Great Weight Loss Benefits

High dieting prices may prevent you from following a weight loss diet. So we have found six plant-based food with great benefits for the body. They also help with weight loss!

Golden Raisins

Fibers in raisins stimulate digestion. They are rich in iron and potassium. These nutrients protect against aging and disease. Raisins boost the growth of good bacteria that maintain the digestive system.

Organic Dried Golden Raisins for a plant-based diet
Organic Dried Golden Raisins

White Potatoes

Potatoes are inexpensive, easy to digest, and have many benefits. Boiled potatoes contain substances that can absorb fat from the body. Indeed without harming the human being.

Whole White Potatoes for a plant-based diet
White Potatoes


A study confirmed that eating a cup of tomato juice daily helps weight loss. Especially if the juice is within a specific diet program. You feel full as soon as you eat the tomato juice. And this helps you not to overtake other foods.

Tomato juice plant diet
Tomato juice


Broccoli for diets

Fibers in broccoli regulate bowel movement, which prevents constipation. You feel full directly and thus lose weight in a shorter period.


Apples for Diets

Eating an apple before a meal lowers the number of calories in that meal. Fibers in apples increase the feeling of satiety. And thus the amount of food eaten. Apple consumption reduces the amount of fat around the waist.

White radish

White Radish for Plant-Based Diet on a Budget

White radish helps dissolve excess fat and shed extra weight. Especially in obese areas. (such as the hips and abdomen of a woman.)

Adding these foods to your diet help you lose extra weight while maintaining good health.

Tips to Save Money While on a Plant-Based Diet

  • Buy affordable ingredients.
  • Cook on your own! Homemade food always costs less.
  • Plan your weekly meals before.
  • Eat seasonal foods, and avoid non-local products, they cost more.
  • Buy frozen products. They last longer.
  • If you have space, plant your food! It is fun and super cheap!

Eating Habits Matter

Whether you are a vegan or not, your eating habits are essential. The products you eat, your eating times, your food quantity per day, etc. Plant-based foods help you lose weight only if you want to.
The body’s health does not depend on the cost of the food purchased. It depends on the nutritious plan that you follow.
You might gain weight if you follow a plant-based diet wrong. The main reason for the weight gain is not the price of the dishes consumed.

It is the excess of unhealthy foods and the lack of a nutritious system.
Switching to cheaper products might increase the risk of obesity if you don’t choose well.

Plant-Based Diets Are a Good Investment

With a true desire, a vegan can lose weight without wasting money. But consider that not all the cheap plant-based foods are healthy. You have to pick the right nutritional foods, like the options listed above. You can even try intermittent fasting while plant-based dieting. Read this article to get all the details!

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