Choosing foods that help proper intermittent fasting

Choosing Foods that Help Proper Intermittent Fasting

You must try proper intermittent fasting to burn extra flab. This method tells you when you should eat your meals. As long as you follow the schedule, there is no need to make any other sacrifice. You can continue with your normal diet and even with your exercise routine.

proper intermittent fasting
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Most people think that proper intermittent fasting entails starving. This is actually a myth. It paces your meals so that you get the most out of them. You also lose fat when you fast as per the pattern. So you become lean while eating whatever you want.

For proper intermittent fasting, you must follow a certain plan. It does not entail counting calories or dieting. All you need to do is choose a method that you are most comfortable with. Then follow the guidelines to reap the various health benefits and shed fat.

How to Do Proper Intermittent Fasting

Types of proper intermittent fasting that you can try are –


This method requires you to eat for 8 hours. Do not eat anything for the remaining 16 hours. It is also known as the Leangains model of proper intermittent fasting. Most people who follow this method eat from 1 pm till about 9 pm at night. Then they go into the fasting mode. Next morning they skip breakfast and again start eating at 1 pm.

proper intermittent fasting

Since you skip breakfast every day, you might miss out on certain foods. These you can add to your meals when you resume eating. Overall this proper intermittent fasting routine is quite effective for weight loss.


Select two days of the week on which you will limit the calories to about 500. These two days should not come one after the other. They should be spaced out for proper intermittent fasting. Ideally, the first session can be in the beginning of the week. The second session can be towards the fag end. You can have normal meals on the other 5 days.

If you wish to give your stomach some rest, the 5″2 proper intermittent fasting routine is perfect. For example, when you have just stuffed yourself at a feast, your stomach can do with a break the next day. That is when you go on a fast. On one hand you really would not mind skipping a meal or two. On the other hand, your stomach could use the break for digesting the heavy meal.


Practicing this style of proper intermittent fasting entails alternating eating with fasting. For example, you eat normally on Monday. Then on Tuesday you do not eat at all. Resume your normal eating pattern on Wednesday followed by a total break on Thursday.

24 hour intermittent fasting

The only downside to this style of proper intermittent fasting is that you might end up overeating. Going without food for 24 hours does cause people to eat more on the next day. You also end up cooking more than usual and need to be mindful of the nutritional aspect. However, the positive part is that you do end up losing some weight.

Warrior Diet/20:4

As compared to other patterns, this style of proper intermittent fasting canĀ  be rigorous. It requires you to fast for 20 hours at a stretch. During the remaining 4 hours you can eat whatever you want. Ancient warriors followed this method. They would eat very little for most part of the day and end up with a large meal at night. This explains why this eating pattern is called as such.

Unless you are used to fasting for a long duration, do not attempt this method. What you can do is to follow the 16/8 method first. Once you feel comfortable, stretch the 16-hour schedule to 20 hours. Mostly you must avoid eating during the day. Likewise, during the four hours you must ensure that your meals are complete and fulfilling.


Every 12 hours you must alternate between eating and fasting. So when you eat a meal at 8 in the morning, the next meal will be at 8 in the evening. You can decide on the times as per your daily routine. Because this way of proper intermittent fasting is easy, you can follow it on a regular basis.

12-hour intermittent fasting

Eating twice a day implies that you can plan your meals and divide the nutrients. The biggest benefit is that you need not crave for food while still being able to fast. Beginners can start with this pattern of proper intermittent fasting. Once they get used to it, moving on other plans would be easier.

Proper Intermittent Fasting Tips

You can start on proper intermittent fasting when you like. Also, you can schedule it as per your routine. Your fasts can occur every week. Or they can occur once a month.

proper intermittent fasting

However, do pay attention to what you eat. While fasting you eat fewer meals. So, plan them such that you make the most of it. Some dos and don’ts that can help during proper intermittent fasting are –


  • Balance the lean protein with veggies and fruits;
  • Enjoy every bite of your meal;
  • Eat slowly till you feel satisfied;
  • Choose healthy fats and carbohydrates;
  • Combine fasting with a diet plan;


  • Only think about weight loss;
  • Eat processed foods;
  • Compromise on your choices;
  • Continue to fast despite feeling uncomfortable;
  • Fast with a health condition;

During proper intermittent fasting, you must eat –

  • Protein, like chicken breast, fish and tofu;
  • Fruits, like avocado, apricots and berries;
  • Vegetables, like potatoes, spinach and beetroot;
  • Carbohydrates, like oats, quinoa and brown rice;
  • Good fats, like nuts, dark chocolate and yogurt;

Likewise, avoid popcorn, cookies and candy.

Final Thoughts

You can try proper intermittent fasting for its many benefits. To begin with, your day becomes simpler. You need to plan fewer meals and this reduces the stress. Fasting also lowers risk of cancer and heart problems. Your internal health improves. Overall you might live for a few more years.

proper intermittent fasting

But before starting, take a look at your health. If there are medical issues, ask your doctor if it would be safe to fast. People have been fasting since the dawn of civilization. So you need not feel apprehensive. At the same time do not push yourself.

Proper intermittent fasting is best when you know how to go about it. Therefore, undertake only when you are totally sure and go slow for best results.

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