Best non-toxic cookware for healthy food

Do you care about your health and your family’s? Do you choose specific foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle? You are entirely right. But you might be missing something. Cooking healthy meals is a daily habit, as it guarantees better health. But a healthy lifestyle doesn’t depend only on food. It relies on cooking materials as well. Your interest in your health means that you care about all the details. That’s why you should be aware of the choice of the best non-toxic cookware.

Using non-toxic cookware maintains the family’s health. But what cooking tools should we use? And how can toxic tools contaminate our diet? Keep reading to know!

Toxic or non-toxic cookware?
Toxic or non-toxic cookware?

Before we talk about non-toxic cookware, let us share the toxic ones.

What you should avoid

Eating healthy food and buying organic products are good steps for your health. But what you have to know is:
The utensils you use for cooking these foods matter a lot. These kitchen tools might ruin your attempt at being healthy!
Some toxic cookware contain chemicals. And guess what? Your foods love chemicals!
To avoid melting chemicals in food, choose non-toxic cookware.
Non-toxic cookware means the utensils that are free from harmful substances.


Aluminum pots are toxic to the body. They might melt with the food. Researches revealed the diseases that melting aluminum causes in food. (such as Alzheimer’s and bone deposits.)

non-toxic cookware
Aluminum is toxic

Pots and frying pans made of aluminum saw the light recently. And they are sold frequently in all countries. But the risk still persists. So it is better to avoid them.

Melting aluminum in food shows black marks. So if these signs appear on your pots, get rid of them directly.

Non-stick cookware

It is now widely spread. (such as Tefal and ceramics). These utensils prevent food attachment. Although these utensils are well-known, you should know that they contain chemicals. They higher the risk of cholesterol, thyroid disease, kidney cancer, etc.

non-toxic cookware
Non-stick cookware

Besides, researches found that these kinds of cookware are related to weight gain.

Copper utensils

Copper is as toxic as aluminum.
Unlike iron, the presence of copper in our diets is unhealthy. High doses of copper lead to nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, or diarrhea.

Best non-toxic cookware for your health

Stainless steel

Stainless steel utensils reduce exposure to toxic substances. Stainless steel materials are less likely to enter the food during cooking. Chemicals in stainless steel remain at a moderate rate than adults need. Thus, it is one of the healthiest cooking utensils.

non-toxic cookware
Stainless steel pots in the kitchen

We indeed find copper or aluminum in stainless steel materials. But the copper is in the inner layers of the pots, so there is no harm. Stainless steel is a stable material that doesn’t leak metals into the food. This type of cookware is an excellent choice for your health.

Solid iron cookware

It is one of the proper materials in the utensils used in cooking. It is one of the essential minerals that the body needs in the day. Although iron can leak into food, it is safe. It is definitely one of the most durable types of pots. You just have to avoid cooking sour food in iron pots.


Glassware is one of the most healthy compared to others. It is widely available and inexpensive. Yet it cannot resist rapid changes in temperature. You have to check their temperature before placing them in the oven. Most glassware is not suitable for stoves, but we can put them in the oven.

non-toxic cookware
Non-toxic cookware

Lead-free ceramics (ceramic wares)

Ceramic is a choice for cooking utensils as long as the paint is lead-free. Ceramics are like glass; they break if exposed to temperature changes. So make sure it is at room temperature before cooking.

Important tips

There is no perfect cookware, but when choosing, it is worth wondering some details.

  • Read the fabricator’s instructions well to pick the right one.
  • Avoid scratching your plot so that the copper doesn’t enter the food.
  • Some cookware surfaces easily scratch when using metal cookware. (including non-stick coatings, stainless steel, and iron). To reduce scratches, use wooden spoons on the surfaces of cookware.
  • Wash your non-toxic cookware carefully to make it last longer.
  • Do not go for cheap utensils of any kind. They often contain harmful raw materials.
  • Be careful when purchasing solid iron utensils. You must first know the iron level in the blood of your family. These utensils might increase iron levels in the blood.
  • The base of the pot must be thick, especially in stainless steel cookware. The more thick, the better the heat distribution. This way, the food does not burn quickly.

Some non-toxic cookware brands

Non-toxic cookware is available everywhere. So, why take the risk of using a toxic one? We are sharing with you the most well-known non-toxic cookware brands:

  • Green Pan. These products resist to high temperatures.
  • Lodge for kitchen pots.
  • Le Creuset. These pots are easy to clean!
  • Beka, for non-stick and non-toxic cookware.
  • Scanpan. These pans are resistant to scratch.

Final words

Few people think about using non-toxic cookware. For some, this topic may seem irrelevant. However, it is essential to give the matter more attention.
Non-toxic cookware preserves your health and the health of your family. But in the end, the choice is yours. So make sure to choose well, and don’t forget to share the message! If you live in Oman, check LuLu for the best and most affordable ones. You can also check Salman stores. They deliver non-toxic cookware to your doorstep!

Finally, always remember:

Non-toxic cookware might be more expensive, but indeed healthier!

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