3 ways pesticide free food benefit you

3 Ways Pesticide Free Fruits Benefit You

Do you buy pesticide free fruits for your family? Every time you go shopping, there are so many options to choose from. So, if you feel confused as regards what to buy, do not feel bad. You are not the only one in the world who feels that way.

It is common knowledge that pesticides are laden with chemicals. These are sprayed on plants to kill pests and tend to cling on the surface of the produce. That is why it is important to wash and rinse fresh produce before eating. However, sometimes even that does not help, and this is where pesticide free fruits come in.

pesticide free fruits

Not all fruits act the same way towards pesticides. Some fruits, like avocado, sweet corn and papaya, shrug off chemicals immediately on being washed. Others, like strawberries, apples and peaches, hold on to pesticides despite being washed and rinsed. So, to ensure pesticide free fruits, you must know the types that are normally healthy as also the ones that should be strictly organic.

Important Pesticide Facts

To understand why pesticide free fruits are better, you should be aware of certain facts. These are –

Impact on Food Chain

Conventional farmers spray pesticides to protect plants from pests. This practice may have its advantages. However, there are flaws too. One of the biggest problems is that the percentage of chemicals found on fresh fruits is alarmingly high. In fact it is way beyond the safety levels. This is definitely not good news.

In limited amounts, chemicals may kill just pests. But high levels show that excess pesticides might be finding their way into the air, water and food. In this way they affect all creatures. From the marine life to birds and human beings, they poison everyone. The only way to avoid them entails buying pesticide free fruits.

Origin of Pesticides

Pests have posed a problem ever since farmers started growing crops. To get rid of them, farmers began to use pesticides. However, at the time farmers did not prefer chemicals. Mostly, they depended on birds to chase away pests. At the time pesticides contained only sulfur.

pesticide free fruits

All of this changed as society progressed. Over the years, more chemicals found their way into farming. These are not just strong but also more toxic. As a result, they not only cause health problems, but also pollute the air, water and soil.

Buy pesticide free fruits to avoid toxins. These are safe and healthy, and also taste better.

Pesticide Statistics

Pesticides are made by mixing different chemicals. Many of these have been found to cause severe health issues. However, because farmers use them to have a good harvest, they find their way into the food. Unless you buy pesticide free fruits, these chemicals enter your home. Then they lead to food poisoning which can be fatal.

They also harm the eco system. Birds, bees and fishes do not react well to chemicals. Their natural cycles get disrupted. This in turn harms the environment. From this it is evident why you must choose pesticide free fruits.

Impact of Pesticides

Impact of pesticides can take various forms. In human beings, these cause cancer and skin rashes. There are other health issues too, like asthma and stress. When you shift to pesticide free fruits, your health improves.

pesticide free fruits

The environment suffers too. Bees find it hard to tolerate chemicals. Their production cycle suffers and their numbers fall. Pesticides also pollute the water and soil. Due to their negative impact, you must avoid pesticides. Instead you must go for pesticide free fruits.

Why Should You Choose Pesticide Free Fruits?

You must buy pesticide free fruits for good health. Fruits that carry chemicals put you at a risk of –

  • Kidney and liver damage;
  • Forming of cancer cells within the body;
  • Food poisoning due to certain chemicals, like zinc;
  • Allergic reactions like skin rashes, itching and so on;
  • Harming the fetus during pregnancy;
  • Memory loss, loss of eyesight and mood swings;
  • Physical and mental lethargy;

By choosing pesticide free fruits, you protect yourself from health issues. At the same time, you eat fruits that taste better.

How to Get Pesticide Free Fruits

People might tell you that pesticide free fruits are costly. This is true to some extent due to several reasons. You might spend more while buying pesticide free fruits because their supply is less.

Even a small volume of pesticide free fruits requires plenty of hard work. Also, these need to be transported separately. The distribution chain is not as smooth as it is for normal produce. Due to all these reasons, this variety of fruits costs more.

That being said, it is possible to find cost effective sources. While buying pesticide free fruits, you can cut down the cost by –

Buying From Local Farmers

Usually local farmers sell their wares at the weekly market. The prices at such a market are low. You can bargain and bring it further down. Because the produce is fresh from the farm, this is the best place to get pesticide free fruits.

Thorough Cleaning

When you bring home regular fruits, wash them thoroughly. You can even use baking soda to wash the fruits because it is an effective cleansing agent. Then make sure to rinse all the fruits in clean water once before using them. In this way you can get pesticide free fruits on a budget.

Growing Them on Your Own

If you have time, grow your own fruits. You can try natural methods of farming like those used by organic farmers. The outcome is pesticide free fruits right from the garden.

pesticide free fruits

Till and weed the soil by hand. Make sure you have a lot of bird visitors. For this you can set up a bird bath in the garden. Encourage your soil to support the good bacteria. This will improve the fertility. Fertile soil means healthy plants and that means juicier pesticide free fruits.

Check the Organic Certification

Natural produce carries organic certification. Anything that has this stamp is free of chemicals. That is why pesticide free fruits also bear this mark. By checking for the mark before buying, you ensure that the fruits are natural and free of chemicals.

Final Thoughts

You may not find pesticide free fruits all the time. But if you do thorough research, the task might be simpler. Start by identifying sources around you that supply natural food. You can also get in touch with the farmers in the area. Then you can buy pesticide free fruits directly from them.

Your health is the main concern while choosing pesticide free fruits. Then there is the environment too. All round good health is what you get when you use pesticide free fruits.


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