Environment-friendly gift sets for occasions

With the growth of industry and manufacture, pollution is increasing. Our planet is in danger because some species became endangered. And some aggressive people are killing animals without mercy. Under this situation, non-profit institutions saw the lights. These institutions aim to reduce nature dangers. That’s why some people started using environment-friendly products. Environment-friendly gift sets are becoming more popular every day. Buying such products contribute to preserving the environment.
Yet, some people don’t know enough about environment-friendly gift sets. And others do not confess that they are suitable for the environment.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Environment-friendly gift sets

Below, we will show you how environment-friendly products affect the planet. And mainly, how you can benefit from environment-friendly gift sets.

Environment-friendly gift sets are good for the planet

It is worth noting that environment-friendly gift sets are booming today. Many have heard of such products. But not everyone knows how they differ from regular gifts.
Environment-friendly products consist of natural materials only. These products do not cause any harm to the environment.
Lately, many people are switching to an environment-friendly lifestyle. We call these people “green friends” because they are loyal to the public interest.
They choose useful and natural products for all their occasions.

The reasons environment-friendly gift sets are good for the planet and humans:

  • You save money. Environment-friendly products are less expensive than regular ones.
  • You build a better future for the coming generations. You will feel proud if you leave a green world to your children.
  • Less pollution. The major advantage of using such products is reducing pollution. Imagine a clean sky, soil, and trees everywhere!
  • Self-peace. You feel happy because you’re helping your planet, yourself, and your loved ones!
  • More creativity. If you try to make such product on your own, you are boosting your creativity. You might have hidden talents!
  • You lead by example. If you choose environment-friendly gift sets, your children will choose it as well. You are raising a green community.
  • Boost your well-being. You don’t feel guilty for buying what you want. You can get what you need without harming nature and animals.

It started in Abu Dhabi

The idea of environment-friendly gift sets started in Abu Dhabi. The small company started reducing harmful products to the environment. (such as plastic and glass). They switched to organic materials that don’t harm health and pollute the soil.

Environment-friendly gift sets are the new trend

People became aware of the importance of environment-friendly products. They are using them in their houses, offices, and handbags. Thus, they are buying them for self-use.

But what if they started giving others environment-friendly gift sets?
Dinners, birthdays, weddings, and special occasions. Every time you get invited, you start thinking endlessly. What do I have to buy? Are they going to love my present? And most of the time, you end up buying a “cliché gift.” But did you think of an environment-friendly gift set? Wouldn’t it be an excellent idea? You will be unique. And you might spread awareness on protecting the planet!

So next time, consider any environment-friendly gift set for your loved one.
And don’t worry, we’ll help you! We will share with you the most beautiful environment-friendly gift sets. And for almost all occasions!

The Eco bag

The Eco bag is a fun and practical gift for anyone. While people are rejecting plastic bags, this handbag is becoming a must. It is made from organic materials. You can write the name of the person to make it more special.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Eco bag is environment-friendly

Bed linen

A set of bed linen is a great gift for your home. You can choose products from linen, cotton or some other natural material. It is a convenient gift for newly-weds, relatives or family members.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Bed linen

Organic care products

A range of different organic care products can be a desirable gift. Natural cosmetics for a woman are a good idea. In addition to cosmetics, organic care products include:
Handmade soap, bottles of sea salt, vegetable skin care oils, etc.

Environment-friendly gift set
Soap set

Essential oils

Essential oils are environment-friendly gifts. It is one of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones. They are free of chemicals. You can use them in all household matters from the smell of pillows and bedding. Essential oils also help to relax and overcome stress.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Essential oil

Wood cutlery set

Wood set of spoons, forks and knives would be an ideal gift for a house. They are essential, as plastic cutlery can be harmful to our health. Besides, wood cutlery sets are elegant and are easy for cleaning.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Wood spoon

Ticket for a vacation trip

Things pass but memories will last forever. So, what about giving good experiences to someone you love? It doesn’t have to be an expensive place. You can also buy tickets for a concert or occasion.


We use all plastic sheets to cover our leftovers. But think about it for a moment, is it environment-friendly? Of course no! Beeswax is affordable and can be used to store leftovers. Candles are another smart choice for an environment-friendly gift.

Environment-friendly gift sets

Wooden toys

Are you looking for environment-friendly gifts for your children? Then what about gifting their wooden toys made from reclaimed wood? Wooden toys that do not contain harmful chemicals and look stylish! There are many options available on the market. So keep going and get wooden toys for your toddlers.

Environment-friendly gift sets
Wooden toy train

Handmade gifts

It is time to take things in your hands and create environment-friendly gifts. Creating gifts is easy.

You can find raw and organic materials in the market. You can try making non-toxic body butter, charcoal soap, bracelets, and more.
Green supporters appreciate hand-made gifts!

A pet for animal-lovers

Is your person an animal lover? You can adopt a rescuing animal for him. You’ll make both happy!

The gift is worth the trouble!

Useful and long-lasting. Two essential qualities for a gift.
To get useful and long-lasting environment-friendly gift sets, you have to:

  • Think before you buy it. Does a person need this purpose for it? Does this product impact the environment? Is there a similar product that’s more respectful of the environment?
  • Opt for services over goods. Entrance card to the cinema or theater, massage session, gym gift card, etc.
  • Encourage reading by offering books or journals.
  • Gifting locally manufactured products. Crafts, biologic products, jewelry, etc.
  • Go for one valuable item instead of three useless things doomed to waste.

Environment-friendly gift sets are special

If you traditional gifts are becoming boring, try non-traditional ones! As we have mentioned above, many of these gifts make you and your loved ones unique.

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